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The Easy Cookbook

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Here is a collection of over 100 of the easiest recipes in the world. The Easy Cookbook offers effortless recipes for quick, easy, and delicious meals!


Keeping your family happy and healthy is easier than ever before thanks to The Easy Cookbook. Focusing on simple recipes that emphasize wholesome, fresh ingredients, fast food is suddenly synonymous with good food.

Inside this cookbook, you will discover:

  • 100 simple and essential step-by-step recipes that progress in difficulty to help improve your cooking skills
  • 4-ingredient recipes, ranging from mouthwatering mainstays to decadent desserts
  • Sidebar recipes for ingredients you can make at home, such as stocks and sauces
  • Vibrant photography that shows how each finished dish should look

Featuring over 100 recipes that can be prepped in 30 minutes or less, you’re certain to have an answer to the question “What’s for dinner?” no matter what shape your day takes, and more than 25 vegetarian options help you keep things light.