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Shipping Origin: Niceville, Florida
Turnaround Time: 1-3 Business Days
Shipping Time: Varies depending on the shipping method chosen and paid for by customer at checkout. If an order is placed after the storefront is closed for the day, over the weekend, or when the storefront is closed for any holiday, the turnaround time will not begin until the next business day. Please note that turnaround time is the time it takes for our team at Cottonwood to create your pack your order and take it to UPS or USPS; it does not include the the time is takes to ship. Shipping time varies for each customer depending on their shipping address and what shipping method is chosen at checkout. Customers have the option to select different shipping methods at checkout, but please keep in mind that the method you select only speeds up shipping time and not turnaround time. Cottonwood Co. is not responsible for any shipping delays due to weather, social issues such as protests, etc. International customers may be charged for international duties and taxes upon the arrival of their package. That fee is not charged by Cottonwood Co., but is by the customer's government for international shipments. Additional duties and taxes are not common with our shipments, but there is a possibility that international customers may have to pay them upon arrival.
If you need an order shipped out within a certain time frame, please email us or give us a call!
Phone: (850) 424-7257.